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Vintage Licks are super stoked to be included in these magical looks of love for Valentines 2017! Kitsch and cute scenes curated by dream team: Stylist Jessica Sherwood, Make-up Artist Olivia Fowler, Model Elisabeth, Photographer Nick Dale and awesome set from The Sugar Stop

Pucker up with pout and pinks and metallic reds, sequin lip smackers and party perfect decorations.

Who me?

Who me?

Happy Valentines to all, please shop around and take a look at the loved-up talent from this Valentines Editorial <3 

This beautiful polaroid storyboard coming from creative Jessicah Sherwood <3 

Friday Style-up

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Were celebrating the Friday feeling by pulling together our favourite and most inspiring looks of the week! Check out the pastel princesses of street style that we discovered on the world wide blogosphere

Clever styling from Franzika, Margot and Rachel-Marie. Winter style done beautifully with blacks to a minimum, check out the ladies blogs below! Happy Friday!

From left: Franzika's blog, Margot's blog, Rachel-Marie's blog


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You would have seen these Unicorn Stunners in your news feed this week; delightfully cute and doll like unicorns in the form of our all-time-faves MACAROONS! The genius creators Mac Lab Bakery have been inundated with purchases and have had to limit the quantity of magical creatures per customer. 

HOWEVER! All is not lost- these food artists have an entire feast of pastels, speckles and sprinkles in their emporium of treats- just look at the eye-gasm that is their Instagram account!

Unfortunately for us Brits, The Mac Lab is based in the US though plan to start shipping sooner rather than later- in the meantime we can drool over their dainty darlings on their Insta + FB pages.


Unseen images of Martin Parr’s everyday England

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The photographer shares never-before-seen snaps that offer a window onto the punks, mums and ‘normal people’ of Britain.

Taken from the spring 2016 issue of Dazed:

“I’ve always had criticism," says Martin Parr, staring confidently at me through a screen, surrounded by framed photographs and books. “I’ve never really understood why. All I do is photograph ordinary things”. His portfolio of around 33,000 images is filled with surreptitious photographs of human beings, shot often without them knowing he's even there. “You can go and photograph famine and war and everything and no one ever questions that.” For Dazed’s spring issue, he has unearthed never-before-seen images taken between 1970 and 1980: punks buying fish and chips in Salford; mums dragging children through litter-strewn streets outside jobcentres; middle-aged women blinking at floor-length negligees in what seems to be an Ann Summers party; three drunks sitting on the pavement waiting for a betting shop to open. It wasn't that long ago really, but it seems like a different world. “What we forget is that when you look back at those times and it feels quite dated, (that) it’s one of the things that documentary photography always does,” Parr says. “It becomes more valuable as it gets older.”

“If I photograph a supermarket people say it’s dodgy. If you photograph famine or war it’s perfectly acceptable. I photograph normal people” – Martin Parr

Something Martin Parr said in a lecture I went to years ago stuck with me. He explained to a room of photography students that there is no point in ever taking a photo of something like a tree or a sunset as throughout history they never change. These days as high streets across the world become increasingly identical and the classes become less easily distinguishable, it must be getting trickier for him to do his job. “It’s always a bit difficult because you have to confront people and that’s why a lot of people can’t do it. That fundamental issue of it being not easy always remains the same,” he says. “People know a lot more about photography these days than they did 30 years ago, so perhaps there’s less innocence. You could photograph kids on beaches 30 years ago but you definitely couldn’t now. That’s a rare example of how social attitudes have dramatically changed in photography.” He recently went on a trip to Benidorm with a sneaky telephoto lens enabling him to photograph tourists up close from very far away. “You could argue that if you photograph anything full stop it could be said to be sneaky," he remarks.

I wonder if Parr ever gets embarrassed looking back at old work from the 70s and 80s, as you would rereading an old diary. “Not really, no. I quite like looking at what I did way back because of the documentary value of it. I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I made those documentations...” A cracking noise comes through my laptop, coming from Parr. “Sorry about the noise. I’m just mending my stapler. It works now. There you are. So no, I don’t get embarrassed about my earlier work. I have quite a lot of affection for it really.” He describes himself as just your average photographer. “Sorry,” he says. “Bit bland isn’t it?”

Article via Dazed Digital

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New for New Year: Colour of the Year

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Lo and behold, here sits the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 Rose Quartz & Serenity. In stark contrast to the Marsala, a reddish brown of 2015, the pastel winner(s) have been a favourable triumph amongst the many cults of mermaids, unicorns and general pastel addicts (including Vintage Licks) across the internet.  

Every year Pantone champions the colour that has woven it's way through various scenes of culture that year and the one that has served most our expressions of mood and attitude. And for the first time in history, we have two that top the list:

"Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace."

See Sallie Harrison's photo series of static, huey stills with the perfectly intwined Rose Quartz and Serenity in "Geometric LA". Beware, it's dreamy...

(Click for carousel) 

Vintage Licks X-mas Edit

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Ho ho ho-hold up and check the Vintage Licks select Christmas crackers for the season. All under £50, this novel collection ticks all boxes, snuggles and sparkles with the stocking fillers of a different kind. Order by 15th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery. 

National Black Cat Day- Salem's Top Quotes

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After National Black Cat day, here at Vintage Licks we thought we'd celebrate with the most charming black cat we know. Here's to Sabrina the Teenage Witch's Salem Spellman. Here's looking back at Salem's best quotes of all time

We've been there

Ask no questions

Caught red handed

Salem weathers the storm


Post McDonalds mantra 

Someone has to

Embrace it

Moments of the boudoir

Say it how it is

Tell us more Salem..

We all have our kicks

Join the club


That Monday morning feeling

No one will be hurt..

A good wingman you could say

We won't tell if you don't


Yes, Mr Spellman.

Got us! 

Talk of table manners

Post content via of The De-brief

A Trip to Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium

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Last week Soho had some much need life injected into its old bones. With the old skool, sleazy charm of the place depleting by the day, a certain sneaky side street played host to a unique pop-up by the name of  Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium

Image- The Spaces

Image- The Spaces

If you look a little closer you will see this wasn't any old sex shop, and nor could it be. That's the point. Indeed this exhibition, and its entire contents has been individually hand sewn, with FELT, by artist Lucy Sparrow. Formerly a worker of the adult industry, Sparrow has set to try and test the ever-limiting boundaries of sex and adult entertainment, in short- if the exhibition hadn't been made of felt then the entire stunt would be illegal. And so, feast your eyes on one of the charming legacies protesting censorship and the narrowing, one-sided standards of "acceptability".

Image- News Locker

Image- News Locker

Choose from your favourite Asian Babes, Playboy, High Society and so on. Neatly arranged for your ease. 

Spoilt for choice; the sweetest of STI's, an extensive range of self-service aids, BDSM assistance and the most important thing- rubbering up!

           Image- Travels of Adam

           Image- Travels of Adam

Sadly this place of stitched up vibrance has since flown the nest with the rest of them after closing on the 17th Oct. Luckily for you, you can still buy many of the pictured treasures from the online Erotic Emporium itself here


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We are proud to finally be cutting the ribbon on this brand-spanking-new fashion and lifestyle label and present to you our pre-fall collection "Morning Glory". 

We will be dropping our Autumn/Winter range from September with a special jewellery collection as we take orders throughout. To keep our niche collection niche; we'll be keeping our collection tight with all pieces entirely exclusive and wholly produced here in London.

We look forward to bringing you original collections, lookbooks, collaborative opportunities, competitions and events. 

More background and information can be found on our About page, and for all enquiries please contact